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Team building isn’t just for grown-ups. A kids ropes course can help strengthen the bonds between players on youth sports teams and in student clubs, while also promoting physical fitness and mental toughness.

Ropes courses have been around for centuries, but they really became popular as a training tool for military soldiers. More than just fitness training, ropes courses and obstacle courses are commonly used in the U.S. military to encourage personal development and team building. Today, there are more than 15,000 ropes courses in the U.S., up from just 700 to 800 in the 1980s. Numerous studies have been done looking at the effectiveness of ropes courses or challenge course activities on team building, but most of the research has focused on adults.

Learn about how a kids ropes course can challenge, and ultimately benefit, older children and teens.

How do ropes courses benefit kids?

A kids ropes course can be exhilarating and invigorating, and most importantly to kids, they’re just plain fun. Children develop a natural love of climbing as soon as they can walk. Climbing is almost a natural instinct, and so as their physical capabilities grow, kids naturally start looking for taller, more challenging things to climb.

Ropes courses give kids the outlet to climb, but in a safe and controlled environment. Kids learn about the world around them when they have access to ropes courses. They also get stronger, both mentally and physically. With fitness becoming such an important part of our society, and with childhood obesity at record levels, there has never been a more important time for parents to start encouraging a love of activity and exploration.

Can ropes courses unify youth teams?

A kids ropes course unifies a youth sports team or club in the same way it unifies groups of adults. Any time humans can go through a challenging experience together, their relationships are strengthened and bonded. What’s really special about ropes courses and obstacle courses, however, is that they take more than just physical skill to complete. The best ropes courses also require a certain level of risk-taking and communication. The communication that teams develop on the kids ropes course carries with them onto the field or the court.

What makes a good kids ropes course?

The best kids ropes course is one that is challenging and safe. Ropes courses should be designed with obstacles meant to test kids’ skills, like balancing on beams, scaling cargo nets and ladders, and navigating bridges.

A kids ropes course should be designed differently than an adults’ course. Firstly, the ropes and other obstacles should be put together in a way that’s easier for children to navigate. These ropes courses should also offer a fair amount of flexibility, since kids are different heights and have different ability levels. A kids ropes course should have fun elements that kids can use to test their own skills, like rope bridges, zig-zag beams, cargo nets, walk-across beams, and vertical rope ladders.


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