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iPlay America is proud to announce our 2019 scholarship program winners. We would like to congratulate Samantha Adelman (Ride Operator), Savanah Beyer (Admissions Cashier), and Patsy Schoch (Party Host) on their outstanding performance and dedication to their work at iPlay America. Each candidate received $500.00 each towards their college education and has shared a brief essay on why they love working at iPlay America.

Samantha Adelman

I have grown significantly, both in maturity and overall outlook on life since I started working here, over two years ago, at iPlay America. Having started here when I was 16; going through a rebellious, difficult stage in my life, I had trouble trusting people, communicating effectively, and did not take criticism well or like being told what to do by people in superior roles. Since then, I think it’s safe to say, I’ve grown into a much more mature individual with a positive look on life. iPlay has been my safe haven, it’s been the one place I could go to if I’m having a 16-18 year-old crisis. I have learned to trust people, solve problems, become a team player, listen before taking action, and, most importantly, how to look for the positives in all situations. When I go into my future career field of criminal justice, I can now safely say I have much better leadership experience, determination, and (even more importantly) respect for people in general. I have learned that the people who push me the furthest, are the ones that care the most and would love to see me at my full potential to succeed. I will forever have iPlay in my heart; it has introduced to some of the most important life lessons I could ever learn, and has brought so many of my friendships together. The support here is miraculous and having that behind me wherever I go will never stop meaning the world and beyond to me. I have been through a tremendous amount of stuff at my age, which can and cannot be so great to admit, but iPlay has always been right there, like a light at the end of a scary, dark tunnel. I will forever think about the people I’ve met at iPlay and the environment they’ve raised me in (a pretty amazing one).



Savanah Beyer

As an Admissions Cashier at iPlay America, I deal with a lot of case by case situations involving our guests. Having been employed here for over a year now, the day to day problem solving has become easier to handle. In my future career I know that the same difficulties and techniques to solving issues will come in hand, especially in the world of Communications. In order to help the guests feel welcomed and important, it is critical to act as a team in all circumstances. Whether that is retaining a positive environment that the customers can feed off of or simply keeping up with the marketing deals. Handling these situations from the inside has taught me how to work with both individuals and groups, as well as learning how an amusement park runs and why height restrictions really do matter. Sometimes it is easy to forget that our jobs have an impact on the experiences that people have. Every once in awhile I am reminded that by a child either telling me their favorite ride, or that it’s their birthday and they decided to come to iPlay to celebrate. It no longer becomes about getting through their transaction, but actually spending the time to understand them and their intentions for the day in order to give them the best experience possible. At the same time I must find the balance of being a salesman and attempt to hit commission goals. Grasping onto that balance has made this job engaging and has brought me to meet a lot of nice families that at the end of the day, I am sad to see go. Being able to provide someone with an unforgettable experience is one of the most valuable things I can take away from this job and I hope to take that and carry it with me into the customer relation positions I am sure to have. Not only am I going to be able to apply being a cashier to my future career but also being cross trained on other departments such as Games, Attractions, Promotions and Top Golf. Over the past year, if not anything else, I have learned that flexibility and teamwork are two of the most important aspects of working under high pressure circumstances. As a potential worker in Media Management I have taken notice to things such as our new website, different promotions and events, as well as the small things, such as our target audience. I have been able to absorb a lot of information that I can take with me throughout my career by having this simple, minimum wage, job. And soon enough, I will be able to thank iPlay for teaching me a ton about the customer service field, teamwork, and how to get inside the fun!



Patsy Schoch:

Walking into iPlay 6 years ago I would have never thought this amazing place would have changed my life forever. As a shy, timid girl, party hosting seemed like a bit of a stretch, but the thought of bringing joy to children on their most special day appeared to be the most perfect job for me.

There are so many reasons why working at iPlay America will help me, and has already helped me for my future career. This December I will graduate with my Bachelors in Science and Nursing and will finally become the nurse I’ve always wanted to be. First, my experience working here has taught me responsibility, time management, and work ethic. Being responsible for over 20 children at at time and making sure they all arrive on time to activities can correlate to being responsible to 10 patients at a time and making sure all their medications are on time.

Next, iPlay has helped me to become sharp-witted and develop quick thinking skills. At any moment during a party things can go awry. With late platters or missing goodie bags, I learned how to think on my toes and problem solve to keep everyone happy throughout their experience. I aspire to become an Emergency Room nurse and these skills will help carry me into this new career. With serious injuries and tensions high I can thank iPlay for my sharp wit to help save lives.

Lastly, working at iPlay has helped me gain life long friendships and connect with people of all genders, races, religions, and sexual orientations. Working among people who are different than you helps to prepare you for treating patients of all kinds and makes you sensitive to their needs. Being chosen to host special needs parties was an honor and I had the opportunity to get to know so many amazing children.

I can not thank Iplay America enough for the amazing experiences and life long friendships I have made along my journey. With graduation around the corner this scholarship would help me tremendously with my student debt and help me become the nurse I’ve always wanted to be.




iPlay America is always searching for new team members! From in park positions to servers at special events and bartenders at Game Time Bar & Grill, iPlay America has a lot to offer any potential employee. If you’re looking to start a career in FUN, join us on September 10th starting at 7p for iPlay America’s Job Fair.

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