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110 Schanck Road | Freehold, NJ

Freehold, NJ (February 17, 2022) Are you looking to up your virtual golf game and best your friends in a showdown of epic proportions at Topgolf Swing Suite? Look at some of our pro tips below and improve your play TODAY!

Opening Screen

Each level shown on the screen before the game will provide a handful of course examples. Make note of a few course names for each level so that you can pick your desired level of play.


New to virtual golf games or rusty with the links? Don’t be afraid to take practice swings or try less-challenging games for less-experienced golfers. Hint: Change practice modes by clicking “Choose Practice Area” in the menu.

  • Driving Range: Hit as many balls into the open area as you’d like.
  • Scoring Zone: Practice your aim by hitting target areas to earn points!
  • Chip & Putt: Practice long putting and short chips. This skill is useful on the green and can help you out-duel your friends.


Pick from one of many real-life courses, adjust any custom settings and most importantly, have fun!


Feel free to add as many players as you want. Add players as guests and then assign each player a name. Choose each player’s tee box, hole layout, pin position, handicaps & more!


Several settings can be changed in-game – and they’re conveniently in a one-stop shop at the beginning. Hint: Change the settings to your preference for the experience that suits you!

  • Mulligans: Allow for do-over shots. Allow for unlimited mulligans for a lighter experience or provide a challenge with zero mulligans.
  • Gimmies: In virtual golf, putting can be difficult. Turning on gimmies allows players within a certain distance of the hole to give up a stroke for a made putt.
  • Putting arrow: This feature allows players to see the direction their putt will go before hitting the ball.

Holes to Play

Not feeling up to 18, or even 9, holes? Edit the number of holes you play before teeing off.

Modes of Play

Choose how you score play!

  • Stroke Play: You and your team’s score is the number of strokes it takes to get the ball in each hole.
  • Scramble Stroke: Every player on each team takes their tee shot in this game mode. Each team then plays the best shot from their team’s players.
  • Best Ball Stroke: This mode allows all players to play the hole as they normally would, however, the team’s score would only record whichever player did the best for that hole.

After the Shot

Control actions after taken shots:

  • Continue: Accept the stroke and leave the ball where it rested.
  • Mulligan: Reshoot your previous shot without any penalty.
  • Penalty Re-hit: Re-hit your ball from its original placement, for the price of one stroke.
  • Pick Up: Players may give up and take the max score for the hole. Max scores are three times the par.
  • Drop: Much like penalty re-hit, if a ball goes out of bounds, a player can drop their ball in the nearest drop box area for the price of one stroke.