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110 Schanck Road | Freehold, NJ

Why choose Iplay America for your parties?

iPlay America birthday parties are the most FUN parties for kids of all ages. We go there frequently for a nice family night out, as well as have attended MANY birthday parties there. iPlay America is a kid’s paradise.

There are rides, laser tag, bowling, games, prizes, you name it. When iPlay America asked me if I wanted to host a party there for my little princess who had a birthday coming up, of course I said YES!

How to plan a party?

First, let me tell you how easy it was to plan the party. I spoke with a party planner to go over ALL the details involved in the planning process.

They left no stone unturned. iPlay America was on the ball with every bit of planning this party. I did not feel nervous or on edge because they made it a breeze.

Party at iPlay America Picture 1 Party at iPlay America Picture 2

Before a party starts, there is a lounge area with seating where everyone can wait together for guests to arrive. I liked this because the kids weren’t running off to a hundred places before the party even starts.

4D was awesome!

Once all the guests arrived, we were taken to the 4D theatre (an activity that my daughter picked). The kids all watched a super fun pinball themed movie. My daughter loved it so much she requested to do it again!

It was awesome watching everyone have a blast in the 4D theatre.

Next, the kids got to play a whole bunch of games and go on rides.

Party at iPlay America Picture 7

What I love about iPlay America is that you really feel like you are walking a boardwalk, just inside. There are boardwalk type games, rides, and food! The kids had so much fun on the rides, they asked to go on many of them twice.

Party at iPlay America Picture 8 Party at iPlay America Picture 9

Time to EAT!

After the kids were finished with all the rides and games it was time to EAT! And boy were these kids ready to chow down after all the fun they had.

Party at iPlay America Picture 10 Party at iPlay America Picture 11

The kids had so much fun!

iPlay America made this party one of the best we have been to. Our party host was simply awesome. She was kind, patient and playful with the kids. She made sure every child had a turn. No one was skipped or left out. She also made sure we moved from ride to ride or game with ease, so everything went smoothly! Another thing I loved about the party with iPlay America is that all the kids at the party get a wristband for unlimited rides once the party ends for the rest of the day as well as a play card preloaded with credits! The fun was able to continue once the party ended!

iPlay America from start-to-finish made the entire party planning process easy! It can be stressful planning a birthday party, but they took care of EVERYTHING! I was able to enjoy the party with my friends and family instead of worrying about the details. They are organized, efficient, and best of all FUN!

The link to iPlay America birthday parties can be found here!