Are You Ready to Have Monster Fun?

It’s time to transform October into SHOCKTOBER as iPlay America’s High Definition 4D Theatre presents Frankenstein Awaken the Monster! It’s a horrifying thrill ride of FUN! This film has everything classic horror fans want on the big screen… castles, bats, graveyards, Igor, brains and the MONSTER! Let’s be perfectly FRANK, if you’re looking for some frighteningly fantastic 4D FUN, then look no further than iPlay America! We provide the 3D glasses, YOU bring a friend along to shiver and shake beside of you as you witness the 4D excitement of Frankenstein Awaken the Monster!  
Frankenstein logo.
Frankenstein Awaken the Monster!
SEE the shocking action with a high-definition 3D display! HEAR the action with blood-curdling, booming surround-sound audio! SENSE the action with surprise elements like air and water and… Ooooh, it’s gonna be scary kids! FEEL the action and everything that goes bump in the night with intuitive motion seats! iPlay America is turning the TERROR up-a-notch with Frankenstein Awaken the Monster and taking fans of the silver screen to a whole new level of 4D HORROR!

The Critics have spoken about Frankenstein Awaken the Monster…

“Dr. Frankenstein, Dr. Frankenstein, have I got some news! I got a bad case of loving YOU!” – Mausoleum Neeson –  News… EeeK! Magazine “I distinctly heard someone make a yummy noise!” – Ghoulia Child – Creature Comforts Monthly “It’s got Horror and MORROR!” – I. Kent Spell – The Transylvania Tribune